Minimal creates engaging graphic concepts which stand out from the pack

Minimal can design a multitude of tools for your brand: visual identity, website, corporate brochures, promotional tools, packaging, videos, photos, etc. Our artistic team works to offer you creative solutions that are off the tried and true beaten paths.

Our expertise

identité visuelle agence web à montréal

Visual identity

Branding is the essence of an organization. Our team offers creative concepts that are both original and in step with your image.
We create beauty that makes sense and is related to a story, your story. Even the most unexpected idea will be based on an in-depth analysis of your brand's needs, followed by strategic planning. Once the ground is well defined, we give free rein to our creativity.
Your job is to share your ideas and your vision. Our job is to create branding that will make you shine

Print traditionnel agence web à montréal

Traditional + Digital

Another agency would talk about a 360 vision. We talk about a brand ecosystem. How do you say we do everything? By affirming it: we do everything!
We offer amazing websites, but always keep user experience in mind. We create striking visuals, but always in the respect of the brand. Vibrant but effective printed tools are designed.
Design is like Neapolitan ice cream: a dose of richness, a dose of classic, and a dollop of fun.

production vidéo agence web à montréal

Video & multimedia production

With the amount of information that bombards people daily, your communications must stay the imagination and create an impact.
With Minimal, you go from strategy, to creation and to talent production.
Photo sessions, corporate videos, commercials, even virtual or augmented reality: Minimal is equipped to take care of various production projects. Our team carries out and succeeds in accomplishing the most ambitious projects.

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Web Development

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Web Design








Digital Campaigns

Initially, we chose Minimal for their portfolio, the strength of their designs, and the flexibility they add to WordPress. Now that the project is completed, what I know fo sure is that we were not mistaken at the design level, and that they have a clear desire to satisfy the customer. Even if the expectations are high and that we sometimes challenge each other on certain aspects, in the end, they deliver the service.
David Lamarche
Vice President Marketing

Our projects

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Le Relais Chevrolet


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